Monthly Archives: April 2010

America-day 1

Hello,i am Bhavana and i have come to america
for my summer vacation and well now i am in
chicago, illinois and people i am seriously having
fun. Today at first when we went out gosh i
must admit that i am come out of an oven and
into a fridge. we first went to the devan street
to buy some indian grocers ,i know it does not
make sense to come to US from india and buy
indian grocers,and after that we went to eat
lunch in indian garden(restaurent)i know,
i know it does not make sense.After that
we went to the schauberg mall.ok,lets be
honest in did not buy anything,waaaaaaaaa,
then we went to eat ice cream actually i
ate ice cream and the others drank coffee
(not my 1 year old brother,Lalith)then we came
back home.well i think i am just going to play with
my brother eat lunch and sleep.well bye people.