Monthly Archives: May 2010

myrtle beach

Hello,everybody its me again
and today i will be telling you
about my experience in
myrtle beach.But i am telling
you people that it was a long
drive,2 hr 37 min.I know I know
thats long.well at first we went
to the beach.I am telling you
i had fun.There were these
great warm water Atlantic
ocean waves.Then we went
to a Amusment park called
Family Kingdom.But i am
telling you people i had fun.
Yah! roller coasters, ferris wheels
and very cool rides.It was a
awesome experiance.Well the
worst part about the trip was
that we came back home at
1:45 am .Well bye for now,
see you later in my next blog.

the visit to river bank zoo and botanical garden

Hello,my blogs readers and i am going to tell you all
about one of my very nice experiences in columbia,sc
well what else could it be except for my visit to the
river banks zoo.My,my,my! what zoo it has got great
animals what not gorillas,baboons,flamingoes,lions,
tigers ,hyenas,giraffes and many other animals and
guess what there was also an very nice aquaruim
and the scariest part was beleive it or not there
was an anaconda thats cool isn’t it huh,and
we also caught a tram and went to the zoos
botanical garden and you know there is this cool
bridge which if you cross you get to the botanical
garden, aand the botanical garden oh! my god
it was so beautiful. We stayed in that zoo for quiet
a long time but the most important part was we
enjoyed alot.

columbia-part 2

hello, people its me again having fun in columbia, well my brother rahul is gone to school so its just me and rohit now rohit is watching t.v so i am blogging well yesterday when i showed my blog to my uncle he said why did you not tell about the beaches we are about to go to,so here it goes. my uncle said that we will go to the myrtle beach on a weekend , well now a secret from me to you i am scared of beaches,why? can’t answer. By the way one of the rules of staying in columbia is that i have to go to every day and do math every single day . well people bye for now .

hello, everybody this is me Bhavana and i have finished my vacation in chicago and have come to

Columbia .I have landed yesterday 8:30 and now i am with my brothers Rahul & Rohit well

people i must say that i am having fun with my brothers and to say i had a great lunch pizzas made by me an Rahul delicious right, And when my uncle comes from work we are going swimming what else do you need. Well my mom says U.S is boring place but no way its not,
and people i m having the time of my life.