Monthly Archives: October 2010

mind blowing mine trip


Today, we actually went on a mind blowing mine trip. It was wonderful when we went to the vakil palli underground mine., but it was partiality when they violated the rule that under the age of 18 kids are not allowed.Though I enjoyed. T o go underground we took the help of man-riding. It was going at a speed of 8km per hour.Oh! that was great.I n the mine almost every thing was made of coal, believe it or not even the walls were! They sprayed dolomite powder on the walls as a measure that the wall doesn’t fall. I did not like it when the mixture of ashes and water stuck to my feet.We also saw a coal belt, it did move very fast.We saw a worker spot but were not allowed to go in it.

We then went to a open cast mine(oc-111) . It was totally huge. I liked it a lot. We first went to the view spot and saw the mine. It looked gorgeous from the top.Then we went to the mine and saw a drag-line .It was gigantic.A man told us that one drag-line costs Rs.200 crores and can carry 6 lorries at once.We were allowed to go into the drag-line. I just din’t like the control room because it was scary in there .The operating room was attached to the control room.In the operating room man was controlling the drag-line.He had a 30 year experience.Then we came out of the drag-line and that concluded our MIND BLOWING MINE TRIP.