Monthly Archives: November 2010

My Story


Well, some time ago in my school there was a competition called ‘Pick and Speak’. In which they give us a picture and we have to make a story on the picture. So, in the competition I took part and won second place. Well, now here is the story by which I won second place:
Once, upon a time in Udana lived a man named Thar. He was a really poor man, this Thar earned his food because he had a cargo service. One day Thar had to deliver a cargo to Raner an unknown place where no one from Udana had ever gone, but brave Thar did not give up and staoon, rted his journey to Raner. Soon, Thar entered a place with sand all over. Sand to the right, sand to the left , sand every where. Brave Thar still still din’t give up. Days passed but there was no sign of water or trees. Finally, on the fourth day of his long journey Thar reached Raner. He swiftly delivered the cargo and raced backed to Udana. In Udana when Thar told all his friends about this sandy place. They thought that this place was really weird and took Thar to the wisest man in town. The wisest man thought and thought for a while and finally told them that Thar had discovered a desert and since Thar had discovered the desert it was named after him and remained as the ‘Thar Desert’
That is my story and by the way its a total fictional story.
Thank you and keep reading my blogs!