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The teachings of Bhavana

Well, hello there.

The other day I was reading a social lesson on Upanishads (for the some of you who don’t know what Upanishads are they were books capturing a conversation between a teacher and a student)when I thought ‘how would it be if there was a Upanishad that I wrote, I would call it the teachings of Bhavana.’ This is how the preface would be
Dear, reader
Thank you for choosing this book to read. Well the objective of this book is to teach everyone how to spread naughtiness. If you don’t wish to do so, I give you total liberty to close this book and read some philosophy. Now this book teaches the importance of irritating others. Before you start,let me tell you not many people master the art of annoying. Therefore I conclude that I request everyone to master the marvel art of spreading naughtiness.
a naughty girl
no Msc no Phd’
Now as you have read the preface you must have got a brief idea of how this book would be. Hopefully I would be able to publish this book someday and get my name in a social text book. Well, folks that’s it for this time. Thank you for reading this post.