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Marvelous Milwaukee Museum

Milwaukee museum, a place where all the world cultures and traditions are respected. Milwaukee museum, a place where animals are treated with great loyalty. Milwaukee museum, a place where olden days are taken inspiration from. Well, my luck was good that my family and I went to this wonderful place. We went to the museum from my uncles house after a 1hr drive.  When we reached we first went to watch a wonderful movie called ‘coral reefs’ in the imax dome theater. I learnt alot from this movie. I learnt how people do scuba diving, how animals and plants rely on each other for survival. Yet, I was disappointed that these wonderful coral reefs are not well protected and are dying.Predections also say that all the coral reefs will be dead in the next 30 years. I will do my bit to protect these coral reefs which need our help. Later we went to the museum. The museum consisted of three floors, all which were wonderful. Yet, I could look at only two floors because of the museum’s hours. On the first floor we first went to the ‘old streets of milwaukee’ where they replicated the olden streets of milwaukee. It was just like an ideal village. The candy stores where like todays antique stores where candy was stored in glass jars which were very pretty. The dentist office was also very strange inclusive of the tools the dentist used. After that we went to a butterfly garden where butterflies were left free and we could go to them. One of the butterflies even sat on brothers shoulder, he was pretty brave to do that,since many  people were running around crazily.Then I became a junior paleantologist(one who studies dinosaurs)and learnt alot about dinosaurs, we saw the fossils of a mammoth and tryceratops at the museum. What mostly fascinated me were the minerals like quartz as they shined brightly in the darkness. When it was almost time for the museum to get closed I insisted on going to the  India part of the museum to see what others’ opinion on our country is. In the india section there were sculptures of Indian gods and godesses. There was also a replica of a royal bengal tiger, which made me feel very proud of all the wildlife in India.  But, I was mostly dissapointed because, they had a replica of an Indian street which was totally crowded,no control on the traffic, street sellers blocking the road, movie posters on the wall. Out of all the cultural heritage in India is this the impression foreigners have on us? Why can’t we be obedient to rules? I felt ashamed that time. I’ll try my best to make our country better and in this I seek your help. I want us to be ideal citizens of the world. India was rich, now Indians made it poor. Well, thats it for now.

How I almost became a saint in Saint Louis Zoo!

Hello there,
Saint Louis Zoo, one of the best zoos in the U.S. As it is also a 3hr drive from the place my aunt and uncle stay, we decided to go have a look. We started at around 10:00 a.m in the morning but guess what! We reached at 2:00 p.m in the afternoon. Why you ask were we so delayed? Well thanks to my grandfather we had to see the confluence of the Missouri and the Mississippi rivers(the place where they meet). That detour delayed us by 1 hour. Yet, I must admit it was quite a beautiful sight. When we reached the zoo, absolutely no parking was available. So, we had to park approximately one and half miles away. We ate our lunch at the parking spot and walked the one and half mile in a hot burning sun. No, problem I was still going to a Zoo. In the Zoo I had loads of fun doing many activities. We touched stingrays which was so cool, they actually felt more like jelly.I also discovered that their fins(known as ‘wings’) are really hard. I also saw penguins being fed. Oh! the penguins were so cute. I saw grizzly bears,gorillas(actually what my dad calls me), flamingos, lions, leopards, jaguars, kangaroos, zebras, swans, ducks,etc. Doesn’t it sound like a  perfect place.
Yet, every good thing has some bad in it. Here’s the bad part: The zoo was so huge that we covered only half of it but walked for literally 10-15 miles.When we came out of the zoo at 5 p.m from the ‘north entrance'(earlier we came from the south one). My mom and uncle went to get the car. My uncle left a cell phone with us without a cell phone for themselves. My aunt then remembered that her cell phone was in the car. So, if they found the car they would receive the call. Half an hour later they receive the  call and say they just found the car. When they came to get us in the car they told us that the north entrance was way further than south one. By then each and every one of us was so tired we had a really heavy snack and gained energy. My uncle then said that we should look at the world famous Saint Louis arch. We obeyed and went there. The arch was so high I couldn’t figure out how it was built.  It was amazing and so was the city Saint Louis. We headed back home at around 8 p.m and reached home at 11p.m. Throughout the journey I was sleepy but couldn’t sleep. When we reached home the first thing I did was sleep. Even when I slept I felt as though I was moving in a car. I must say that Saint Louis literally made me a saint.



Hello everybody,

As you must have read the title I am currently in vacation in the U.S.  There are many reasons why I am here. But the main(well,one of the main) is that I have a new baby cousin born to my mom’s younger brother in Chicago. We named him Amogh which means Lord Ganesh. He is very cute and all of us are trying to figure out who he looks like. Maybe we can’t do that just yet. Many things happened in these 13 days I have stayed here, but,the highlight is the surpise blessing ceremony my family did for me on the day my baby brother was named. My mom and grandmom told me to dress up traditional that day.  I  did it just to please them. Later,after my brother got named (he has a name of one page, but, we simply call him Amogh.) my mom told me to go downstairs and sit on a chair which was totally decorated. I obeyed. Then, my aunt’s mother came and dressed me up. I couldn’t stand, couldn’t run. But, I must admit it was quite fun to have so much attention. Every single picture had me. I was soo happy. I am indeed a very lucky girl to have a family like mine.