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My little fairy god mother (fiction)

Hello,  there.

I am Cindy. Welcome to my life. I am a very unfortunate girl as I have nobody but a mean step-sister who rules over me. My mom died when I was a baby.  My dad then decided to get married again. My step mother was the sweetest person on earth, she was unlike the typical stepmother (the mean kind). Yet, with my step mother came my terrible step sister, Jessica, the most horrible person I ever met. One day to my most terrifying disappointment, my father and step mother died in a car crash. According to my father’s will, everything he owned (inclusive of me) went to my step mother and from my step mother to my step sister. From then on she has been treating me like her servant. But one day something rather unusual happened to me. I met my little fairy god mother.

“Cindy! I said Cindy! I want my breakfast in five minutes”. That’s when I woke up to my terrible sister’s voice.”Coming,Jessica” I said and swiftly gave her, her breakfast. That’s when she decided she suddenly became a vegetarian and threw the bacon I made on the floor. “What is this?” she screamed.”I told you yesterday I converted into a vegetarian. How dare you serve me bacon. Go and get me some vegetarian stuff “.  I ran and gave her some salad while she was putting on her make up trying to hide her ugly face beneath those dirty chemicals. She ate the salad like a pig and said “Ewee.. I knew I should have appointed a chef. Anyways I am going to school, clean up all the mess at home and then maybe come to school.” I got very angry at her and protested “Hey ,but you made all the mess, how come I have to clean up.” She then threatened me like she always does when I protest against her.”Oh sweetheart, if you don’t clean up and don’t follow my orders I shall not pay your school fees. I already am being very generous by letting you live with me and serve me. All my friends say I should get rid of you. Should I?Huh? ” I slowly thought to myself if she gets rid of me she will not be able to survive even for a day. After all she can’t even tie her shoe lace! Yet I said “No, I am honoured to serve you. And I  will do as you say “. She flicked her hair and then  left for school in her Ferrari. I ran inside the house and cleaned up , when I  looked at the time  I freaked out, I was 2 hours late for school. I ran to my best friend which is  my bicycle.  I smiled, as she strangely reminds me of myself, she is small but can do great things.

At school it was my algebra class going on when I entered the class.”I am so sorry Ms.Black, I was cleaning up the house when  I noticed I was late. I promise, it shall not happen again “. “Cindy! you have been saying that ever since you joined this school. You were cleaning up  is it,  at school hours. If this repeats I shall have you suspended. Now get in to the class ” she said angrily. I went and sat on my desk when Jessica  who sits next to me pushed me off the desk. “AHHHHH” I screamed as I fell to the floor. “Cindy… Are you trying to disturb my class,get out.  To start with you come late and  now irritate me. This was not expected from you. Out! I said,Out! ” .I was speechless with embarrassment,tears trickled down my cheeks. Jessica started laughing as though she were watching a comedy marvel. I ran into the washroom and started crying my heart out when Jessica walked in and recorded me crying. “Nice video for my blog. Eh? “She said laughing.”No,Jessica you can’t”I said in the tone you get when you’re crying. “Why can’t I? And plus how dare you speak to me like that.Now stop protesting and go make yourself useful. GO,GO,now.Stop staring at me.  ” she said in her usual mean tone.

For most people that conversation would be devastating.  For me, it was like an everyday talk with little Miss  “I-am-the-boss” (my nickname for Jessica).  Anyways, I walked out of the washroom when I heard an announcement, the very announcement that changed my life.”Good after noon students” said the announcer. “As you know it is the end of the term and we wish to see all of you at the end of term party tomorrow at the school gym from 9:00pm.   Everyone of you is invited. So, don’t even try to miss it.” I was totally excited. I really, really wanted to go, that is only if Jessica allows me to. That’s when I showed a lot of bravery as I went running to Jessica and said “Umm… Jessica as you know we have the party tomorrow right”. She glared at me and said “True, yet what can I do with that piece of information I already know”. After some 30 seconds of silence when I was trying to remind myself what I was trying to do, I broke the silence by saying “So, um… could we… like… go to the party together.”  She stared laughing like a witch and finally, after what seemed to be like hours,  said “Youuu…. going to the party…. with meee? Oh sweetie, do you even realise how much homework I got?  You have to finish all of it. And let me make it very clear. IF YOU GET OUT OF THE HOUSE TOMORROW, I SHALL NOT PAY YOUR SCHOOL FEES. Toodles.”  Now, this was not an everyday conversation even for me. I ran and ran without showing my face to anybody.

I entered my little room/attic and started crying and crying. That’s when I heard a voice. “Why are you crying Cindy?”.  I got freaked out and stuttered “Who’s there? Jessica is it you?”. The voice spoke to me again, “Oh! Don’t you compare me with your dreadful sister”.  Exactly at that moment something unbelievable happened. Somehow, magically a little girl who looked merely 7 years old, with beautiful blue eyes, rosy cheeks and curly hair appeared in front of me. She was wearing a beautiful white gown and held a wand in her hand. It appeared as though she had wings and could fly.  “So, you were going to tell me why you are crying” she said. I was amazed by everything about her. I was going to tell her everything that happened earlier that day but instead  said “What..  or… who are you?”.   She didn’t look offended and said “Oh! Stupid me I forgot to introduce myself. I am sparkle, your fairy god mother and I am here to help you. Now, tell me what your problem is”. I was astonished.   Me ?  Having a fairy god mother ?   Could this be a joke?   “Well, I have millions of problems” I said. “But, my main problem is Jessica. She doesn’t let me do anything I wish to. She barely lets me go to school. I wonder,  why my father indirectly gave everything to her. I think I am the rightful owner of the fortune. She always tries to make me feel inferior. Now, you tell me, is it fair?” She seemed to be thinking for a while and said “Sweetie, look,  no one  can make you feel inferior without your consent.  If you really hate her so much why do you follow her orders?  Help her, but don’t do her work”. No one in my life after my parents died had spoken to me this sweetly. I felt comforted with her. “If I don’t follow her orders she threatens me that she won’t pay my fees” After I said those words she had a sly smile on her face. “Do this and I promise she will never irritate you again. Go to the party. I will come with you, but invisibly. Don’t you care about what Jessica says, just have fun. And don’t forget to be back by midnight.” I interrupted her by saying “Why midnight?” “Oh about that, I am going to Paris at 11:59p.m today. After all even a fairy god mother deserves a vacation.” If you’re wondering why sparkle needs a vacation then let me tell you, according to sparkle’s schedule, being a fairy god mother is a hectic job. I decided not to ask any more questions and do as she says.

The next day I didn’t go to school, because Sparkle told me not to. She said if I go, I would humiliate myself. I wonder how. Anyways I was very excited as this was going to be my first party. I was wondering all day whether Sparkle could do magic, but I thought it would be pretty rude to ask. Yet, this query was solved when she magically made me wear a beautiful blue gown with flowers all over it. I looked like a princess. I reached the school at 9:30 PM.

As soon as I entered the party, Jessica came running to me and said “You?!  How dare you come here! Get out! Now! Don’t you have to do my homework?”.   I got scared but I was a brave girl so I said “I am not going anywhere, and why do I have to do your homework? I am not going to follow your orders anymore. I am the owner of myself. I have just as many rights as you” Jessica kept staring at me; her anger was boiling on the inside. I could see that on  her face. “Oh! You wait! Just wait and watch what I do” She pulled out a letter from her bag “Do you know what this is?” She said. I had no clue what that was. “This is your graduation certificate, and now I am going to tear it” I got scared and looked at Sparkle, but I had faith in Sparkle  so I kept quiet. Jessica tore it into pieces and started laughing. Soon magically the whole certificate became one again,  thanks to Sparkle. I picked up my certificate and ran home with Jessica chasing me. “Why are you trying to ruin my life?” said Jessica. “I am trying to ruin your life? Why don’t we reverse the clock and see who ruined whose life?” I said.  “You were always the smart one; I never had brains like you.  So I tried to dominate you”.  After Jessica said that she ran into her room. I think she was crying. So I went in to comfort her.  Inside her room,  to my surprise I saw her sprawled on the floor with a paper in front of her.  Sparkle told me she tripped Jessica so I could read the paper. The paper was actually my father’s will. I read it and was shocked. I was the rightful owner of the fortune, not Jessica. Jessica actually changed it so that she got everything.  Jessica got up  and said that she was afraid of the prospect of me getting the fortune.   She thought that could make me treat her like dirt. I told her I would never do such a thing to her.  From that day on we both lived happily ever after. Oops I totally forgot about sparkle, after coming back from her vacation she started living with us.  The three of us are now very happy together.


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