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Is India really independent?

India is a country with beautiful cultures and traditions. It is a place where the soil is filled with the enriched beauty of all the hundreds of languages spoken.It is, as Will Durant once said, the place where the human race began.

It was once, long ago under the rule of  another country. A country who treated Indians like slaves. Many great leaders awoke all the sleeping  Indian minds to wake up and fight for their right, freedom. Many lost their lives in this battle, but none gave up. Finally on 15th August,1947 a free India was attained. All of our forefathers dreamed of an India which was free,  had social and economical equality, no discrimination, astonishingly high literacy rate, justice and many other things.

Now, 66 years later on independence day, I realise that this dream to many people has no meaning. No one of today’s generation feels proud of being Indian. A few people I know, believe singing the national anthem or song is a punishment. Indians might be free for name, but they still remain slaves of those who ruled years ago. Indians are so dependent on other countries that they cannot make any decisions on their own.

If Indians were really independent that dream would have been fulfilled years ago. All Indians must realise the growing necessity for an independent India.If not now then never. Only if every Indian contributes for this cause will we fulfil our dream.I would conclude by saying that we must understand the importance of all the three colours of our flag and respect them. Let’s build a new India, an Independent one.