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What’s wrong with my dad?

As my dear blog readers know, I not only write articles but also write stories. I am almost done with a story. And for a change it isn’t related to a fantasy world with fairies and mermaids, instead it is a murder mystery. It is about a girl who goes to her best friends house, and finds her friend dead,  just few minutes after she arrived. So all the people in the house call a detective who investigates what exactly happened. Anyways, coming to the point. My father always criticizes me that in all my stories, the first paragraph has at least one death. It might be true, but this new murder mystery has made him say that my blog will be R or A rated soon enough. Well I bring to you a piece of our argument.

Hundreds of parents let their children read Harry Potter. In fact, it is my favorite book. If my murder mystery is R rated then what is Harry Potter? (No offence J.K Rowling) Even in Harry potter, Voldermort (the villain) kills millions of people, wherein the culprit of my story kills only one person.

Why only Harry Potter? Take something that everyone is forced to read. History. In Indian history, the Mughal princes killed each other to conquer the throne. My textbook for instance, elaborates these situations and all the kids in 7th grade study it. Not to mention those who graduate. If a book that millions of kids read or something that CBSE (central board of secondary education, India) approved contains murder, what’s wrong if I as an  amateur writer writes it? This is something absolutely and unacceptably unfair. Hence I ask you, dear reader, to leave in the comments your opinion. If you

think I should write murder then say “Yes” else say “No”. I hope many of you agree with my excellent logic