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Detective Dorothy:The Case Of The CC Cameras

It was a bright sunny afternoon in the middle of the summer. Britney, a multi-millionaire’s spoilt daughter, was looking out of her window,  if Isabella, her best friend has arrived. Just then a shiny blue car pulled in on Britney’s drive. The doorbell rang and a familiar British voice filled the room.

“Where is my BFF, aka, the most amazing one in the world?”.

Both the girls were very happy to see each other. They spent some time doing the usual girly talks and finally settled down in Britney’s lavish living room.

“So, how was your trip from London?” asked Britney.

“Oh, it was good, yet it was tiring and extremely starving” answered Isabella.

“Hungriness is not tolerated in my house” Britney said and called for her chef.

“Yes, so mademoiselle what would you like to eat?” asked the chef.

“I would like to eat some spaghetti and I believe Isabella will want some  tom-a-to soup”giggled Britney.

Isabella smiled. The discussion continued for sometime until Isabella went to the washroom. She came back to the room and realised that the room had became extremely aromatic. It was an easy guess that mouth watering food had arrived. Both the girls ate their food, especially Britney who literally gulped all of the spaghetti in just one shot. 

Just then something unbelievable happened a gasp was heard from Isabella. The chef and the housekeeper arrived,and to their astonishment found Britney in a faint position. They carried out a few tests and concluded that she had left her last breath. Everyone started crying, but the big question was ‘How did Britney die?’. They all wanted to know so they called up the most famous detective in the whole world: Detective Dorothy.Who coincidentally was  in the very same city at that time.

She arrived in less then 10 minutes and immediately started investigation. Her first target was Isabella. She went to her who looked petrified because of the shocking incident.

“So, Britney was your best friend, Eh?” asked Dorothy.

“Oh, yah we were like sisters and there I was right there in the living room with her when you know what happened” said Isabella and gave a small cry.

“I don’t suspect you but you must tell me in case of any suspicion that you have on anybody” said Dorothy who made sure that Isabella gave a slight nod and then left to find her next target.

She arrived in the kitchen to find the chef crying. “I not do anyzing mademoiselle. I honest worker ov madam Britney. I feel very bad now that she….”  the French chef couldn’t speak more and immediately burst into tears.

“No,no don’t cry. I will definitely help you find the culprit of this unforgivable crime. Now, what I  want you to do is tell me what exactly happened”  the detective said.

“Oh , Miss Isabella came from London . The madams had a small conversation and asked me to get some food. As soon as Miss Britney ate hers she came to ze state she iz in.” answered the chef.

“I see! If there is anything else you wish to tell me, do not hesitate. Is there anyone else in this house who could possibly be suspected for committing this crime ?” asked Dorothy.

“Umm… There is ze housekeeper she will be in that room.” said the chef pointing at a small room.

Dorothy immediately went there finding the housekeeper dusting what looked like an old bookshelf.

“You are the housekeeper right? Do you know absolutely anything about this crime” investigated Dorothy.

“No,no I know absolutely nothing about this. I was just in Miss Isabella’s room, cleaning when the tragic incident took place.” said the housekeeper.

Although the housekeeper gave an answer which Dorothy wanted, Dorothy was not satisfied. She still had a suspicion on the housekeeper. The unhappy Dorothy left the house in order to investigate amongst the neighbours. She first rang the doorbell of the house right next to Britney’s.

‘Dingdong’ rang the doorbell for the 20th time, yet there was no answer. Dorothy had no choice. She opened the agar door and went in , finding a lady engrossed in a comedy show on the T.V, laughing her head out.

“Ha Ha Ha Ha” laughed the strange lady, in deafening manner.

“Ah, excuse me. I am sorry to disturb you, but I am detective Dorothy and I am here to investigate on a case” said Dorothy.

The strange lady, did not budge a single bit. She didn’t even realise there was another person in the room! Dorothy tried and tried to get the attention of the strange lady, but there was no result.Finally Dorothy got so annoyed that she shouted so loud that even a deaf man could hear the scream.

“Ahhh, who are you?” said the lady in squeaky and scared voice.

“I’ve been trying to tell you from ages. I am detective Dorothy and I am here to ask you a few questions because your neighbour Britney is in heaven.” said Dorothy.

“Does that mean Britney is dead. Couldn’t you just tell me that in a straight forward manner. Anyways, come to think of it now that she is dead, she might become a vampire, and drink my blood, and make me a vampire, just because I blew my fallen leaves from my backyard to hers. How many days do I have left to live Miss.Dolothy?Can I at least watch the next comedy show tomorrow.”said the lady.

Dorothy was now extremely annoyed and said “Let me correct you I am Dorothy and as a matter of fact no one is going to drink your blood. Now can you tell anything you know about this murder?.”

The answers the neighbour gave to Dorothy were of no use. Just as Dorothy was leaving the house, a crime show started on the T.V, in which a man takes a bottle of poison and drops it in a pot of stew. This gave Dorothy an idea. She immediately ran to Britney’s house and searched the kitchen.

She checked in cupboards, behind cabinets and several other places. That’s when she found a bottle of rat poison under the stove. Dorothy was very excited, she finally had her first clue. She sent for the chef right away and asked her if she had left the room at any point of time while making the spaghetti.

The chef thought for what seemed to be years and finally said “Yes, madam. I had left the room when the housekeeper told me there was a dead lizard in my room”.

Dorothy had finally come to a conclusion. She thanked the chef for the wonderful piece of information and started creating an image as to how the murder happened. First the housekeeper comes and tells the chefs there was a dead lizard in her room. The chef leaves. But what no one noticed was that the housekeeper had dropped rat poison into the boiling pot of spaghetti. It all fits, but there was only one missing piece. Why did the housekeeper drop the rat poison only in Britney’s food? Why not in Isabella’s? Dorothy decided to here it from the housekeeper herself.

She found the housekeeper shining the windows .

“Well, well looks like we have a culprit.”said Dorothy.

“What, no. I would never do anything as of such” replied the housekeeper.

“Oh really. Then what is this?”asked Dorothy pointing toward the bottle of rat poison.

“I am so sorry. Its just that Miss Britney never gave me enough money. So I was forced to do this” answered  the horrified housekeeper.

“By whom? Tell me the truth or else…” said Dorothy in a very scary way.

You could tell that the housekeeper was scared. It was extremely evident on her face.

“By, by, by yah the neighbour next door” the housekeeper hesitated.

Dorothy could not believe it. The T.V freak murdered somebody! This could not be true. Dorothy made sure the housekeeper wouldn’t get away and yet again decided to pay the strange neighbour a visit.

This time Dorothy decided not event to try and ring the doorbell as it would be of no use. She went inside the house and found the strange lady watching a horror movie, biting her nails, as though she were living the movie. As soon as Dorothy disturbed her from her horror movie, she yelped out a scream so loud that even Dorothy got freaked out. Dorothy asked the lady if she gave the housekeeper any money, but received an answer she was tired of hearing. No. Well, she believed the T.V freak lady as she knew that the lady did not have the capability to commit a crime. This meant only one thing, more investigation.

As Dorothy was leaving, she noticed a CC camera on the side door of the strange lady’s house pointing directly towards Britney’s guest bedroom. Dorothy asked the strange lady if she could watch the footage from the camera. The lady did not mind and said it would also help her do her everyday spying on Britney’s house. So both the ladies sat down to watch the footage. But what they saw was unbelievable.

After about an hour Dorothy was back at Britney’s house and immediately assembled everybody.

That’s when the chef asked “Madam, have you found out the murderer,ov madam Britney?”.

“Oh! I have but this time it is not ‘a’ murderer, instead, ‘they’ are murderers” said Dorothy, walking in rounds around the assembled group of people.

The whole room’s silence was broken. All that could be heard were shocked voices.

“Who is it? Sorry, who are they?” called out the chef.

“One of them, I didn’t suspect at all. The other one was always a suspect. What say , housekeeper and Isabella?” accused Dorothy.

All the other suspects in the room were either saying “what?” or “How could you?”. Whereas , Isabella and the housekeeper were engrossed in a run for their life until they were encountered by police. Soon, Dorothy and the others caught up with the murderers with the sheer intention of unravelling why they had committed the crime.

“Why did you do this?” questioned Dorothy while the chef was occupied with tears.

“Ms. Britney never gave me enough salary and I had absolutely no money. That’s why when Ms.Isabella offered me a tidy sum of money, how could I say no?” said the housekeeper.

“Money, huh. Reason for all the good and bad things in the world. What about you Isabella?” asked Dorothy.

After what seemed to be a long silence, with quite some tears, Isabella revealed the secret.

“Britney had nobody but me. We were the best of friends. Her  house was something I always loved. So, lavish and luxurious. But, unfortunately  it was not mine. There was only one hope. After Britney’s death everything she owned, inclusive of the house was to be mine. That’s why I did this.”

“House, eh? Don’t you worry. We will give you a lavish and luxurious house at jail! Ms.Isabella and Ms.Housekeeper you are under arrest for committing the murder of Ms.Britney with the use of poison” said Dorothy, sending the murderers to jail.

“Wait, I still don’t get one thing. How did you find out that I was involved?” asked the confused Isabella.

“Oh. That’s easy. In the CC camera footage at the neighbour’s house, I saw you bribing the housekeeper to commit the crime. And the last time I came to meet Britney, she was telling me that she was leaving everything in your name. These are the two things that led me to my conclusion” said Dorothy, proving her amazing capabilities.