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English Vinglish Review.

I know it is extremely late to post a review on a movie, that was released ages ago. But, my English  assignment was to write a movie review on a movie with the significance of a mother. So, I thought English Vinglish is the best option. If anyone is interested in giving me marks out of 10, feel free to do so in the comments box.

A movie which puts a smile on your face is a good movie. Any actor who makes you feel as though you are living the character in the movie is a good actor. In this case, I have no words for the legendary actor Sridevi’s come back film, English Vinglish. May it be the subtle and emotional story or the actor’s charm, English Vinglish is a must watch.

The story starts off in a middle class Maharastrian family, in which the mother Shashi (Sridevi) cannot speak English. Hence, her family doesn’t respect her and teases her because of her weakness. Instead of helping her overcome her problems, Shashi’s daughter and husband tease her and disregard her of the errors she makes while speaking English. While the story establishes that Shashi cannot speak English it also establishes that she is a wonderful cook and has her own business of making and selling ladoos in her locality.

The movie continues this way until; Shashi gets a call from her sister to attend her niece’s wedding in New York. While everyone in the family is excited Shashi is scared about how she will manage alone in the USA for four weeks without speaking English. Finally she arrives in New York and starts preparing for the wedding, when one day, while roaming the streets she notices a board which says “Learn to speak English in four weeks”. Shashi realises that this is her only chance to gain some respect from her family and decides to take the class.

At the class she meets a few people who respect her and teach her how to stand up for herself. Meanwhile her family surprises her by coming to New York earlier than they were supposed to. After going through many problems while trying to hide the fact that she was learning English, the wedding finally arrives. And at the wedding Shashi gives a very inspiring speech in English to the newlyweds about how they should respect each other and not make fun of their weaknesses. This speech also represents how Shashi feels when her family treats her with disrespect and teaches them a lesson.

At the end of the movie Shashi’s family understand the significance of the mother and respect her. This movie truly inspired me and made me understand how my mother would feel when I tease her for tiny errors. It also made me realise how much she does for me. This movie has truly moved my heart. Director Gauri Shinde has done a wonderful job of giving us this message. I would definitely recommend this movie to anybody.

Rating: 4 ½ stars