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Ultra modern super mum- to the rescue

(In our English exam, we were told to write an article on the “modern mother”. I came up with the following. I dedicate this article to my mother, who does so many things for me. Thanks Amma!)

The gentle touch of the mother’s hand. The care in those beautiful eyes. A mother is a goddess. But have you ever seen a goddess in a temple holding a computer?

A mother in today’s world does everything for her family. From carrying out age old traditions to carrying a briefcase with a Bluetooth in the ear, a mom is capable of doing anything. Earlier it was said that mothers have to sit at home, cook, sing, take care of their children and do all those ‘ideal’ mother jobs. Now, in just about 20 years, the entire image of a mother has changed. Earlier, if you asked a child what his mother does, he would say “take care of me”. Now, if you ask a child what his mother does, he would say ” manage the house, work, play, help me study, clean the house, cook …” and would go on until he needs breath. The modern mother has changed the world. She is the reason for development of today’s generation.

Concluding would be hard, because a modern mother does so many millions of things, most of which go unnoticed. Something for all the modern mothers out there: “Go on, aim for the sky. You are why we stand here happily and thank you for giving us a perfect childhood.”

The supreme power of evil: EXAMS!!!

Exams. When you just read that word, what was your reaction? Did you think, “Oh, those terrifying bundles of paper, I used to study for” or did you bite your nails an d say “DON’T EVER REMIND OF THOSE HORRIBLE, TERRIBLE, CREATORS OF PAIN AND ANGUISH”? Well my reaction is none of those. In fact, you can understand my reaction from the adjectives I used above. I am sure that all those people out there (the ones who actually study) would agree that a student’s life is quite difficult. I’m sure you would be thinking “But why is she telling us about exams? We know what they are.” Well, here’s your answer: I want to share an experience.

Earlier this month, I had my exams. And, this time I studied for them as though the world would end if I wouldn’t do well. Did it pay off?, don’t know yet. Anyways, coming to the point, my father told me that I was chasing grades. I have to admit at first I didn’t understand what that meant. Then it hit me, if I wasn’t chasing grades, why would  I care about someone else getting more credits than me? Why don’t I care about only myself doing well in my favorite subject?. I then realized what my father meant. And I know that millions of people out  there do that. They study for the sake of studying. They don’t understand the concept but just mug up the text book. I am not saying that is wrong to mug up,but remember that understanding the text is much easier than memorizing a bunch of formulae . Honestly, I mug up too. In fact my friends created a name for me and mock my ways of learning stuff.

In today’s world most kids enjoy watching  TV  instead of studying. Don’t mistake me that TV is not good and that you should study 24 by 7. All that’s old school.  You should study, but when you do, you should enjoy it.  You should push away that little voice in your head that says “Hey look you have 12 notifications. You have got to check them out”. If you are not able to fight that voice, there is a problem.  Remember that studying for only 15 minutes could make your exam easier if you were enjoying the studies.  So this is me telling all the nerds out there that please don’t study for ranks or grades, study for understanding the concept and for devising a future where your understanding for problems will take you ahead instead of your high memory skills. And for all those other people who are done with their studies and stuff, I apologize for boring you.