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Why didn’t the world end?

12-21-12, except for the fact that it’s a fancy date, what else  is special about this date? Well, as most of us know, that was the very date on which, according to many historians, the world was supposed to end!

The Mayas, an ancient civilization near today’s Mexico, were great mathematicians and great philosophers. They created a calendar. This was not a normal calendar in which you can mark when your school ends. This was a calendar, that predicted every single natural disaster or eclipse till date. And believe it or not, this calendar was created in about 250 to 900 AD. But what do these people have to do with the end of the world? Most historians believe that they predicted the end of the world as well.

You see, the Maya calendar was not continued after a certain date. The date being 12-21-12. So what did the Mayas mean by that? Did they mean the end of the world, or did they just get too lazy to continue…

When I first watched the movie 2012(A movie in which the world ends on 21-12-12), I was petrified. Well, maybe this movie did help me after all, because this movie got me thinking. Thinking and researching at that. I was getting curious. Was the world really going to end? Some websites said that it would, but others like NASA said it wouldn’t. I being a believer of science blindly believed what NASA said. As they said, when there was no satellite recording of any natural disaster, then how would the world possibly end? Yet, when I woke up on that morning, there was fear in me. Why? I have no answer for that question.

All I know is that the world didn’t end. And the Mayas, they were wrong. Or were they?…