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Why do we tend to like things we don’t do often?

The other day, my friend and I were talking about books. My friend also happens to be a writer, so we started discussing about our styles of writing, the styles of writing we like and so on. My friend is best at describing situations, places and environments, while I am most comfortable with describing thoughts, expressions and feelings. So we expected that we would like that kind of writing. But the interesting part is, we didn’t. She likes Rick Riordon (Writer of Percy Jackson) who is best at describing thoughts while I like J.K.Rowling (Writer of Harry Potter) who is best at describing environments. And either of us are not great at writing the kind of styles we read. This got me thinking. I thought about the same question the whole day:Why do we tend to like things we don’t do often?

Admit it. Most of us like watching cookery shows shot in foreign locations. And almost three quarters of the ingredients of those recipes are not found here. We still watch them eagerly with great interest. Why? We know we can’t cook those dishes anywhere near now. Then what’s the point? Why do things we can’t do seem so interesting?

These questions kept buzzing in my head until I finally thought I understood why it happens. It’s simple. Things we aren’t great at, intrigue us. They create a sense of anxiety and curiosity inside us. They teach us things alien to us. Hence, we tend to like them.

My curiosity did not stop at that. After I made the conclusion of why we like things we can’t do, I thought deeper into the matter. So if we like things we can’t do, what about those we can do and are good at? Do we forget those? I realized that most people do. I don’t seem to remember the last book I read, where the thoughts are more important than the environment. And I bet there are millions of people out there who forgot their roots, thanks to their curiosity. That’s why it is extremely important to always take some time to do things we are known for and are good at

I am not saying that being curious is wrong. Being curious and wanting to know more is totally human. But, I’m saying that remember where we come from. Always understand that doing what you do is what defines you. Be curious. Be interested. But remember to always be you.