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Cycle Rikshaw Vs. Auto Rikshaw: Who deserves more?

Earlier today, my parents and I happened to arrive at the railway station of my aunt’s town. Due to a samaikyandhra agitation, the auto-rikshaws were on strike. Hence, we decided to use a cycle rikshaw. I must say, the cycle rikshaw driver was a very smart man. He knew that we were compelled to use his cycle rikshaw service because of the agitations and quoted a high price of Rs.100. My dad bargained and got it down to a 50, which is also a relatively high price. After we reached home, my mom, out of sympathy gave him Rs.70. When my dad asked her why she did so, she said “Because he managed to drive 3 suitcases and 2 people on a cycle. I thought he deserved more than a 50.” I agreed with my mom. I mean, a tiny man with barely any fat managed to drive us all the way home without a single complaint. But my dad thought different. Can you guess why?

His logic is very much reasonable. If we did use an auto rikshaw, we would have reached home much earlier and in a much more comfortable manner. It is because of our emotions and feelings that we think that a cycle rikshaw driver deserves more as he puts in a more manual effort. We, as humans tend to believe that the more the effort, the more the outcome. But the skill… it goes unnoticed. For example, if a person comes to mend your lock, would you appreciate his work more if he completes the task in less time with not much effort (which means he is skillful) or if he takes time to complete the work and puts in a lot of effort? We don’t look at the outcome and decide the value on the basis of the process. Here, the process becomes the deciding factor. Not the outcome.

Well, some will agree with my mom who believes that manual work and effort are more valuable. And some with my dad, who believes that the outcome is more important than any effort. It’s up to you. You decide: Who deserves more, the auto rikshaw or the cycle rikshaw?