Monthly Archives: January 2014

This Dawn

Far away in an unknown land
When, I cannot say, but you will wonder
About who you are and what you’ve done
Whether or not you’ve been someone

From the earth comes petrichor
Or is it the smell of holiness
What it is you cannot tell
Because you are immersed in deep renaissance

Somehow you know it is the end
As you recollect the days of dark
Pondering upon your righteous service
You join a force,a rival of light

This my friend, is what is wrong
Nor are you a fighter neither a knight
Yet, you battle the law of life
Without moving an inch, not one bit

This is where I ask you to stop
There’s no meaning in questions now
Asking yourself for your definition
Is not what is meant for this dawn.

(‘Fighting for life’; ever wondered how this can be attributed to a man on a death bed?  Honestly, there is no fight here… the man cannot move one bit. All he goes through is renaissance. Isn’t it ironic that we indulge in millions of fights like this every single day?)

An Honest Brat Vs. A Kind Liar

Imagine a situation where a loved one gives you something you don’t like. Something you never wanted. Something at whose thought you get the ‘chill’. To make a long story short: Something you hate. And then they ask you “How is it? Do you like it?”. What would you? Would you rather say “I love it! How did you know I always wanted it!” and be a kind liar, or say “I appreciate it but, I really don’t like it. Sorry…” and be an honest brat?

Most people would say that being a kind liar is better. After all, it does bring a smile to the other person’s face and fill their heart with happiness. It is a gesture of care and affection. If you can make someone feel so special then why do something else?

Agreed. Making someone else feel happy is a great feeling. But if this happiness comes from a lie, isn’t this happiness fake? Are the emotions of that person true? This is the only and probably the most major drawback of being a kind liar. The kindness is unreal. So all that remains then, is a lie. And discovering the truth after a lie would cause more pain to the person than the ugly, original truth.

Hence, I believe that being an honest brat is better. Sure the person will feel bad for a while but you won’t feel any guilt. You will not have lied and will have given criticism, which for humans is a necessity.

There are people who will disagree and I respect that. Everyone has their own opinion. So instead of giving a conclusion, I’ll give you an option. You tell me. Is it better to be an honest brat or a kind liar?