Monthly Archives: February 2015

The Senses of Nature

I feel the kiss of mist
Seeping through my skindownload
Bringing out the believer in me
Knowing not what it did.

I hear the swishing crash of a wave
Alarming every corner of me
Taking me away with it
Knowing not what it did. images

I smell the perfume of a gentle rose
Numbing my heart
Filling me with a sense of ecstasy
Knowing not what it did.

I taste a syrupy toothsome honey
Stinging my tongue
Making me sway with joyimages (1)
Knowing not what it did.

I envy nature
For its transcendent aura
For its unparalleled power
To create and destroy.

I look around me images (2)
And I know for sure
That everything is nature’s gift
That everything is for rapture.