Monthly Archives: June 2015

I Weigh You.

She came to me day after day
And showed me her two bare feet
She searched for validation
And blamed me for her flaws.

Her time with me was absurd
As she cried and yelled vehemently
She sucked her stomach and turned her back
All until the next day.

My saying was her cyanideWeigh
She swallowed it outright and veritable
It burnt her vacant frame
But she craved this distinct pain.

To her, it was all a number game
A series of substandard loss and gain
She found the loss enthralling
But the gain highly unworthy.

I could tell she was restricted
She was chained by her own image
She was forced to swallow her imperfection
In this world where zero means infinite.

She was constantly pressurized
To make me point left at all times
Her hunger for my approval
Turned into her very own suicide note.

I don’t see her anymore
I fail to understand what happened
She’s probably afraid of me now
Or her chains tightened even more.

If only she knew that her tears weighed the most.