There are some people in your life without whom your entire life feels worthless. You can’t make a single decision without consulting these people. You can’t take a step forward in life without looking back to see that these people are behind you. You can’t ever let go of these people. These are the people you love.

Most people do not recognize these people until they’re gone. They don’t realize their importance in their lives. These are the unfortunate ones.

Then there are the fortunate ones. The ones who know who they want in their life. I know that I belong to this category because of one person: my dad.

My dad, to me, is a complete weirdo. I probably sound like a hypocrite when I say this but, his ego and his attitude are the most annoying things in the world. The way he never gives up on an argument and can drag a conversation until no one cares are very irritating. His temper, oh lord! He gets angry for every tiny thing. He’s probably mad at me right now for staying up past my bed time to write this (Sorry daddy).

At the same time, he’s the most amazing man ever. He is the most influential person in my life. Without his stupid debates and lame jokes, god knows what I’d be. The way he pisses me off and messes with me is one of my favorite things. Don’t even get me started on our intellectual conversations. The amount of senseless wisdom that comes out of these conversations is irreplaceable. The way we can talk about anything from nuclear war to Balakrishna’s amazing punch lines as we fiddle with our food at the dinner table annoys my mom in a way I cannot explain in words (Ask her about those conversations and she won’t stop complaining about us).

I just wanted to say that my father, to me, is the best father in the world. Everything I achieved and will achieve is because of all the love and support he gives me. He is the wisest and most smart person I know. I may never buy him a Lambhorgini (I don’t even know how to spell it) or take him around the world but, I will always respect him and love him. I never say anything positive about him because I know he’ll use it against me someday. That’s why you’ve always seen me crib and complain about him. But, in reality, I cannot live without all those things that make me crib and complain about him.

Happy birthday, nanna. I love you. You’re best daddy in the entire universe. Thanks for always being there.

Forever and always,

P.S. Again, sorry for staying up late. Please don’t ground me.
P.P.S. Yes. You did teach me Remainder Theorem and Factor Theorem. Happy?

2 thoughts on “Daddy

  1. What can we do to people who don’t fall in line knowing fully what they are doing? This is the most important thing you had to do so late given that you have an exam in the morning. Weren’t you supposed to deposit your laptop, ipad and phone outside your room by 10.00PM? (Thanks anyway. And, no let off from your Lamborghini. You have been promising me since you are a 3 yr old and can’t go back now)

  2. This is my first reading of your post Bhavi. I liked your honest feeling on your daddy. I agree with you. You are not alone in the list, whom he pissess. He does with every one whom he (Loves/Hates). That’s his unique quality.

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